Raffle for a Ride

Today we had raffle for a ride. I didn’t win a ride but my sister Charlotte did. Me, Charlotte, Blake and my Dad woke up early to get the school ready. The cool part was when all the people from the school went to go and cheer on there friends or family. The really sad part about this raffle for a ride was that there was no RED CARPET!!! so they just had to walk on the grass.

This year had the best rides by far. There was a Ferrari, Lamborghini Mercielago, A ride with James (with that ride you get to ride in his mum’s Porsche and get a McDonald’s milkshake and breakfast), 4 stock cars, a Helicopter (the best ride), The More FM car ( you get to go on the radio and get McDonald’s, 3 olden day cars, You get to ride in a wheelbarrow with Doug dressing up as Santa, a Harley Davidson, 1 sports motorbike, a quad bike and a lot of other rides.

One of the best parts were being able to see and sometimes hop into the seat of the car and hearing the different horns. It’s a shame I didn’t win anything but I got the joy of seeing my little sister hop out of the Helicopter with a big smile on her face.


Craft Knife Safety

I am learning how to use a craft knife safely. Here are some of the rules to not end up in Hospital…

  •  Always cut away from my hands and body.
  • Remained focused at all times.
  • Hold the knife firmly.
  • Cut with slow and steady movements.
  • Use 3 centimeters of my blade or knife.

Here is my Co2 Car. It’s called the Sea Tiger.


















Interesting Flags


The white colour reflects the internationally recognised symbol of peace
The maroon colour symbolizes the blood shed during the several wars Qatar had undergone, particularly in the second half of the 19th century.
The nine-point serrated line indicates that Qatar is the 9th member of the “reconciled Emirates” of the Persian Gulf.





The flag was designed by local art teacher Grantley Prescod, and was chosen from around 1000 designs after an island-wide contest.
The two blue bands are said to stand for the ocean, while the gold is for the sand on the island. The trident is taken from the old colonial badge, which showed Britannia holding a trident, the broken lower part symbolizes a symbolic break with its historical and constitutional ties as a former colony.[1] The three points of the trident represent the three principles of democracy – government of, for, and by the people.






The bird on the flag represents a statuette of a bird found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The bird symbolises the history of Zimbabwe.the red star beneath it symbolises the revolutionary struggle for liberation and peace.
Yellow: the wealth of minerals in the country
Red: the blood shed during the first and second Chimurenga (wars)
Black: the heritage and ethnicity of the native Africans of Zimbabwe
White Triangle: peace
Zimbabwe Bird: the national symbol of Zimbabwe
Red Star: the nation’s hopes and aspirations for the future.








The flag looks similar to the flag of the Red Cross. The flag was originally identical to that flag, but to avoid confusion, it was changed so that the red cross appeared as a canton of a red ensign, making it similar to the 17th century red ensign. The flag has been in use since 1864 but was officially adopted in 1875.

Student Review

  • Did you achieve your 3 goals this term?… Yes I did. My goal were to throw accurately in Flags. I achieved that, Have good time management. I achieved that and last one was to eat all my brain food.
  • My highlights for term 3 were?… Production, Flags, Our fantasy Rugby World Cup team and Rhythm Interactive.
  • Your performance in Production was?… good. I don’t think that I’m a very good dancer. I’m better at different sports. But the Rugby dance was very cool.
  • Confidence, Creativity, Respect, and Time management. How did you go?… Aced it!:) I had good confidence because I went into the front in the Production. Creativity because I made some awesome art. Respect because I was very respectful to my class mates and teachers.
  • In term 4 I’m looking forward to?… Christmas Holidays and GRADUATION!!!!:)

Weekly Reflection

WHAT: This week we have been focusing on the Rugby World Cup. Yesterday Ireland played Australia. The first thing you would say is Australia would win but think again. IRELAND WON!!!!!! The All blacks have won all the games they’ve played with the biggest win of 83 – 7 against Japan. In maths we have been doing Algorithms with addition, subtraction and multiplication.

SO WHAT:  This week I learnt how to plus in Algorithms. There is a picture below explaining how to do it. I also learnt that the William Webb Ellis trophy was named after the man who invented rugby.

NOW WHAT: Next week I don’t need to work on anything because I’m Awesome.

All Black Art

This is my All Black art that I spent a lot of time working on. This is how we made it. First we had to draw out a player. I got COREY JANE! 🙂  Then we had to choose a template to stick on our accessories. Then we had to paint and stick on the accessories and then you are done.

Here are some facts about Corey Jane:

  •  Corey Jane was born on the 8 of February 1983 in Lower Hutt New Zealand (age 28)
  •  His position is Fullback or Wing.
  •  His Super Rugby team is the Hurricanes.
  •  He was 3rd-equal on the 2006 Air New Zealand Cup leading try scorer list with 6 tries, behind Richard Kahui with 8 tries and Sitiveni Sivivatu 7 tries.
  •  Corey Jane is exactly 6ft.
  • He has also represented in the New Zealand Maori Rugby union team.
  • Corey Jane’s star sign is Aquarius.